What Is The Secret to Healthy Skin?

All of us want healthy skin- unlike your hair or body, you can’t just cover up your face with a hat or clothes. When your skin is bad it can massively affect your confidence, not to mention not looking after it properly can be damaging to your overall health. Here are some of the ways you can look after it, and feel great every day.

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Visit your doctor

Are you experiencing eczema, rosacea, acne, dermatitis or other skin issues? Don’t just hope and pray that they’ll go away by themselves. In many cases, there’s an underlying issue that will need to be resolved, and your doctor will help you to get to the bottom of things. In the case of acne for example, hormones are often to blame- and so medication that gets these in check can improve your skin symptoms. When it comes to rosacea for example, knowing that you could try out products such as Borage Oil to help calm down the inflammation could be a step worth taking, especially if you feel like you have tried everything else. For more information on the benefits of Borgage Oil, click here. With that being said, don’t suffer in silence, take the step of using natural skincare products and/or visit your GP. If they’re unable to help, they’ll refer you to a dermatologist.

Create a skincare regime that works for you

If you’re new to skincare, creating a skincare routine can be an absolute minefield. It won’t be impossible to find products that work best for your skin type and/or skin concerns, but it may take some time. Trying to navigate your way through thousands of different products, all of which do different things and are suited to different skin types is no mean feat. If you don’t have a clue, your best bet would be to go to a salon and have a facial. They will be able to diagnose your skin type and recommend products that will work for you. You don’t have to buy all of everything they suggest, but at least then you’ll know the kinds of things to look for. You could also watch YouTube videos about skincare routines, as there are many out there. You may then come across someone with a similar skin type to you which you can relate to. As they may recommend you to buy cbd oil or an exfoliator, you’ll then be able to build up your skincare routine as time goes on.

Also, another good tip would be to stick to using natural products/ingredients (fragrance-free), as they won’t irritate your skin like other products might do. Why not try something like cbd soap or tea tree oil products to help create a skincare routine, especially if you suffer from acne, as these two products are said to help with inflammation.

Most people will benefit from a gentle cleanser, an exfoliator, a toner, a moisturizer, eye cream and lip balm. If you have any particular skin needs, such as dark circles that you want to reduce then a product formulated for that will help too. Look at AVON best eye cream for dark circles for example. On top of this, a few different face masks targeted to different things can give your skin a boost if it’s not at its best. If you have the time and patience, applying your products carefully before bed each night, and then a light moisturizer in the morning will do wonders. But if you’re pushed for time (or just want to keep it simple) moisturize before bed, and then again in the morning. It will reduce dryness and soreness, replenish lost moisture and protect against damage.

Nourish from the inside out

As well as protecting your skin on the surface, it’s important to nourish your body from the inside out too. This means staying hydrated and eating the right foods. Fruits and vegetables are high in anti-oxidants, these reduce free radical damage (which can cause aging of cells such as the skin cells). Some foods can help with things such as the production of collagen, allowing your skin to replenish more quickly instead of developing things like fine lines.

Find the right makeup

Makeup is a lot of fun, and is a tool that every woman should be able to utilize if she wishes. However, if your skin is bad, you might avoid it in case your pores get clogged and you make the situation worse. While some makeup is bad if you have a skin condition, there are others the are designed for sensitive or acne prone skin. Mineral makeup for example is all natural, contains no oil and can give you great coverage on your skin without making any existing problems worse. A little foundation when your skin isn’t at its best can be just what you need to even out your complexion and give your confidence a boost.

Be gentle

Scrubbing at your face, picking spots or exposing it to the elements such as hot sun or strong winds are all bad for your skin. While it can regenerate, skin is of course prone to scarring which is something you’ll of course want to avoid on your face. Treat it with care, remove makeup carefully using molecular water and cotton pads. Exfoliate- but do so gently. Always use an SPF, even when its not sunny. You can kill two birds with one stone by choosing a facial moisturizer or a foundation with an SPF included- the sun can still damage your skin even throughout the winter.

How do you keep your skin looking its best?