Unique Subscription Box Tea Tree Box

I am always looking for new and great subscription boxes.  As we all know the best always sell out fast.  We have a great new one to bring you.  You can get in on the ground floor before everyone else.

These upcoming monthly boxes bring the DIY experience to your doorstep, making it easier to replace commonly toxic household products. Each box is curated to contain pre-measured ingredients, containers, and instructions to make two actual full size natural products. Also featured are 2-3 essential oil samples, and even some herbal tea to enjoy sipping on as you make your products!


Visit teatreebox.com to sign up for their pre-launch email list, and get entered in for a drawing to win your first box for free!

I can’t wait to try this box out.


  1. I got on the list………. This looks like a very interesting box. The only question is how much do they cost.

  2. Hi Gloria, we’re glad that you’re interested in our box and have joined our list! Since we’re still in our pre-launch phase, we’re still testing the market for our pricing. Although far from set in stone, at the moment we’re looking at $34-$35 per month. On a side note, we’ll be donating 2% of profits to charitable organizations whom helps those in need.

    That price covers all the premium ingredients, instructions and inserts, two full size containers, essential oil samples large enough to make the two products while leaving you some for experimenting with elsewhere, and two herbal tea bags. We’ll offer numerous discounts too, including for our founding members who will get 10% off for life. There will be a significant discount for paying a full year up front too, probably down to $28-$30 per month. We’ll also have referral discounts that can really dwindle down price if you send friends our way.

    We look forward to providing a fun, healthy and rewarding unboxing experience! 🙂

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