Unique Natural Products

Unique Natural Products

We got the chance to try out the Unique Natural Products and loved them.

I had first heard about them from another reader when we were talking about trying to find a more natural product to help me clean up after the baby boy and the kitty. I am so happy she told me about it. These days you have so many options but finding the right one for your family is hard. Yes, chemicals work but then you have a house full of chemicals that is not safe for your kids or your pets. I once bought one that said do not let kids or pets around surface after cleaning for 3 days. LOL yah like that is going to happen I threw it out right away. Unique is a fantastic product that to my happy surprise works great and is safe for my family. Instead of using chemicals they use bacteria. LOL yes, you read that right but no not all bacteria is bad. When I first read this I did a little of my own mommy research. In short, some bacteria is bad bad bad these are the ones you want to be cleaned up. But some are not bad for you at all they will not affect you or your family. These bacteria that they use basically eat the stains. I picture a little cartoon guy eating up the stains in my house.lol

The super digest it is a must. I had a drain that no matter what we used in it was always clogged. Friends of ours out west had a similar problem but were able to call out the likes of Elite Plumbing in Whittier, CA, to help unclog it in time before it got more of a costly problem to fix further down the line. You would be surprised how easy it is to clog a drain though. If you are anything like me you shed, the ladies right know are all shaking their head yes. Hubby says I shed more than the cat lol but no matter what we tried or used we could not get the sink drain to stay clear. We used what I know call the miracle worker on the drain and woo hoo worked batter then I could ever hope for and I have to say it smells great too. I would recommend to anyone who has blocked sinks to use this type of product. Although, I know that for some people, it may not work as effectively as they initially wanted it to and you may find that your sinks are still clogged. That’s when you may want to consider looking for someone that can help get this sorted, like a Sydney plumber or one that is similar in your area so that the problem can be quickly resolved.

The pet odor & stain eliminator was great is can be used on any surface that water will not damage and worked like a charm. I used this around the litter box. Although my cat is very good there are always the little accidents that splash out and we all know the smell and stain those leave. One thing I do not want is for people to even know I have a litter box so those little accidents have to go away right away. This stain and odor eliminator was amazing just soak the area and cover with a towel and leave overnight. The stain was gone and even better the odor was gone. The smells from household pets can be horrible, but as long as you are using the right methods and products for your home then it should be okay.

The carpet shampoo and stain remover were going to be the biggest challenge for me. This one is something that is very important to me. Not only is the cat on the floor all day but with the baby boy, I must have something that I feel safe with him rolling around on and eating off of. We all know little ones drop something they just pick up and eat and this has always worried me. Not only was this carpet cleaner safe for my little one and kitty but my carpet never looked better and the stain that was on it did not come back up.

The unique complete was fantastic I used this on our couches and of course with a 2-year-old the new stain on the carpet after cleaning it. It worked great and my couches look great.

I did not get a chance to try the wine stain remover yet. Hubby would not let me spill on purpose to try it out.lol but I have no doubt in my mind after trying the others that will work great.

I would recommend these products to everyone.

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I would like to note all though I was given it free to try all opinions are my own I will always be truth-full with you guys. Please see full disclosure below