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Try The World

                                 Try the World  Thailand Box

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  Let me start with OMG Try the World really out did themselves with their new box.  I have been a fan of Try the World for some time now.  I love that I get to try new and different foods from all around the world every month.  Each month they pick a new destination and fill the box with great stuff for you to try.  Better yet they don’t just send you a little sample size.  You get a full size to share or of course hoard for yourself. 

jan 2016 071

What I got in my box

Ton Yum Soup Set from Lumlum

 jan 2016 077

Coconut Flower Syrup from Chiwadi

 jan 2016 075

Toro Chips from Minemadame

 jan 2016 078

Curry Paste from Nittaya Thai Curry

 jan 2016 073

Coconut Crispy Rolls from Virgin Coco

 jan 2016 001

Jasberry Rice from Jasberry

 jan 2016 072

Dried fruit from Eros

 jan 2016 074

Thai Iced Tea from Wangderm

 jan 2016 076

   Try the World is truly a foodie’s paradise.  I love trying new items from all over the world every month.  Want even better news?  When you do fall in love with an item you can head over to their site and buy more of just that one item.  They carry a lot of the items that come in the box.  If you missed a box head on over and pick up a few items that look good.  These are items that you will not be able to find anywhere else.   I would completely recommend Try the World to everyone.

  Try The World

I would like to note all though this was a sponsored post all opinions are my own I will always be truth-full with you guys.