Top Skincare Tips That Will Help Your Teen to Combat Acne

The teenage years signal a time in life where your child, who is approaching adulthood, is changing at a rapid rate. They go through emotional and physical changes that can be difficult for them to navigate and adjust to at such a rapid rate. Being able to offer help and advice along the way can certainly help to lessen the stress and uncertainty they can feel during this time.

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One common problem that teens will start to encounter is acne. Acne can not only be frustrating but depending on the severity of it the acne, it can also be painful and cause them to feel embarrassed and depressed. It then comes as no surprise to find that some people dealing with acne may opt to check out sites like, as the use of CDB oil (or CBD infused products) is said to help with inflammation that you get when you suffer from acne. This may be something worth looking into.

Taking your child’s acne concerns seriously is not only important to their well-being in their teenage years, but it will set them up with the good skincare habits they need in their adult years to prevent such things as cosmetic acne.

If your teenager is currently suffering from bouts of acne and you’re trying to look for ways to help, the following skincare tips can certainly help to make a difference.

Now Is the Time to Create a Skincare Routine

The teenage years are the perfect time for your child to start their own skincare routine. Where washing with a mild cleanser once a day may have been all that was involved in their skincare routine in the past, a teenager’s skin needs more attention.

Before even purchasing any products, it’s important to identify their skin type. All skincare products need to be formulated to match their skin type or else you will be doing more harm than good. The four main skin types are combination, normal, dry, or oily skin. Make sure you find the right products for your childs skin. Girls may need different products from what boys need. Boys can take a look at products from places like and Girls should be able to find such a wide variety of products in your local drug store.

Know the Steps

Once their skin type is determined, you can go ahead and pick up the right products. They will need a cleanser, typically a gel or foaming cleanser, an exfoliating product to be used once or twice a week, a toner, an acne gel or cream for targeted breakouts, and a moisturizer with SPF in it.

Each day should begin and end with cleansing the skin. In the morning, after they have cleansed their skin, they can follow up with a toner to help balance out the oil in the skin. The next step will be to apply a moisturizer with SPF in it to keep skin properly hydrated and healthy looking. One to two times a week, an exfoliating product can be used. As well, you can pick up an acne gel or cream that can be applied directly to the pimple. There are also a number of preventative measures that can be taken to prevent acne breakouts, for example there are companies such as eldivia which have identified a link between vitamin c serum and acne, and create a variety of products containing vitamin c to help you avoid future breakouts.

Let’s Not Forget Their Diet

While skincare is essential to healthy skin, so is eating a healthy balanced diet. Teens need to be making sure they are eating enough protein, leafy vegetables, eggs, fresh juice, fish, and milk products. All of these will help their skin to radiate and be healthy. Hydration is another essential, which means they need to drink plenty of water in a day.

Setting them on the Road to Good Skincare

The teenage years are the perfect time to teach your child the importance of good skincare, as this will help them during their adult years.