Disney Junior T.O.T.S

We Got T.O.T.S free in exchange for an honest review

  Have you seen the new Disney Cartoon T.O.T.S this is way too cute.  T.O.T.S is Tiny Ones Transport Service.  Yes, it’s as cute as it sounds. Pip and Freddy are Junior Flyers.  They get to fly new baby animals to their new home.  These two are best friends doing a job I have to say I have always wanted.

  Their first delivery is a cute kitty whose new parents are not home.  When the baby escapes and follows them back to the office they have to get her back to her new mom before time is up.  Then they get a new delivery and it’s the biggest ever, a baby wale and they have to find out who can bring him to his new home.

  This is such a fun and cute movie with great music and great life lessons.  I am in love with T.O.T.S.  you can be too tomorrow the new DVD is released.  If you have little ones who love animals I would suggest running out and getting this one right away.

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  1. I love it sooo much its beuotiful and lovly my kids always wach the it cant stop watch it plessss send me the wall i even wahnt to pay for how much it cust

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