Giveaway Spice Up Your Fall Season With Superior Source

We got these Superior Source Vitamins free in exchange for an honest post all opinions are our own.

What Makes Superior Source UNIQUE:

They’re Clean…Pure & Simple!

Superior Source Vitamins are Micro Lingual® and dissolve on or under the tongue in seconds for quick absorption into the body–

NO pills to swallow or water needed! They use only clean ingredients–the way nature intended!

Clean, pure and simple–the way nature intended!

NO chemicals, GMOs, preservatives, excessive binders, dyes, fillers, or artificial colors

Fast dissolving for quick absorption.

Quick Vitamin B-12 Energy Burst 1,000 mcg

Vitamin D3 5,000 IU

Vitamin C Sour Cherry Melts.

   Zinc Plus + C + D3 + Elderberry

BeetRoot Apple Cider Vinegar Clean Melts

You can even get your Superior Source at Walmart 

We have been using Superior Source Vitamins for almost a year now and I will never go back.  I love that I don’t have to swallow them and they are so tiny.  Just pop in my mouth and I am done for the day.  They have so many different ones to choose from and they are at a great price point.  I really love the sour c melts for this time of year.  I like to keep a step ahead during cold and flu season.


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