SpongeBob SquarePants: The Complete Eleventh Season Giveaway

We got Sponge Bob Season 11 free in exchange for an honest review all opinions are my own

We were excite for Sponge Bob Season 11.  Little guy an I watch Sponge Bob all the time and love it.  Now we can watch at any time without filling up our DVR.  The season 11 is perfect for any Sponge Bob Lover.  Of course i think my favorite is Patrick?  Who is your favorite?

Available on DVD March 31, 2020

Enter DoodleBob’s alternate dimension and take a trip to Bubble Buddy’s hometown. Help SpongeBob keep Fred’s leg out of harm’s way, move Bubble Bass out of his mom’s basement, and stop SpongeGar from wreaking havoc all over town! Make new friends, including an imaginary hamster, a sea bunny, the Krusty Krab’s peculiar night crew and Sandy’s nutty nieces. Plus, take a trip to the moon, solve the curious case of the missing clarinet and hear Gary speak for the very first time ever!

Featuring every hilarious episode from Season 11, plus Plankton’s Color Nullifier, SpongeBob SquarePants: The Complete Eleventh Season 3-DVD set will be available for the suggested retail price of $17.99 U.S.

•    216a Cave Dwelling Sponge
•    216b The Clam Whisperer
•    217a Spot Returns
•    217b The Check-Up
•    218a Spin the Bottle
•    218b There’s a Sponge in My Soup
•    219a Man Ray Returns
•    219b Larry the Floor Manager
•    220ab The Legend of Boo-kini Bottom
•    221a No Pictures Please
•    221b Stuck on the Roof
•    222a Krabby Patty Creature Feature
•    222b Teacher’s Pests
•    223a Sanitation Insanity
•    223b Bunny Hunt
•    224a Squid Noir
•    224b Scavenger Pants
•    225a Cuddle E. Hugs
•    225b Pat the Horse
•    226a Chatterbox Gary
•    226b Don’t Feed the Clowns
•    227a Drive Happy
•    227b Old Man Patrick
•    228a Fun-Sized Friends
•    228b Grandmum’s the Word
•    229a Doodle Dimension
•    229b Moving Bubble Bass
•    230a High Sea Diving
•    230b Bottle Burglars
•    231a My Leg!
•    231b Ink Lemonade
•    232a Mustard O’Mine
•    232b Shopping List
•    233a Whale Watching
•    233b Krusty Kleaners
•    234a Patnocchio
•    234b ChefBob
•    235a Plankton Paranoia
•    235b Library Cards
•    236a Call the Cops!
•    236b Surf N’ Turf
•    237ab Goons on the Moon
•    238a Appointment TV
•    238b Karen’s Virus
•    239a The Grill is Gone
•    239b The Night Patty
•    230a Bubbletown
•    240b Girls’ Night Out
•    241a Squirrel Jelly
•    241b The String

One lucky U.S winner is going to get their very own copy.  Do to what is going on in the world right now I have no idea about shipping time.

Sponge Bob Season 11 DVD Giveaway


  1. I’ve always thought Patrick Star and I had a lot in common!

  2. Spongebob is my favorite. I really like Spongebob and Patrick together as a team! They are hilarious little kids ?

  3. I really do like all of the characters that live in Bikini Bottom

  4. Spongebob and the Bikini Bottom characters are still all my favorites

  5. I have always thought that Mr. Krabs from the show is pretty funny to watch.

  6. Sometimes I really feel sorry for Plankton!
    His computer wife is pretty cool ?

  7. Spongebob and his snail ? pal Gary together are a hoot! Very like able

  8. I am so excited Spongebob, my favorite character, to see if we won ?

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