Small Things You Can Do To Make An Older Loved One’s Life Better

When you have elderly relatives to think about, you’ll want to ensure they are living the best lives they can. Even if they have mobility issues or are unwell in some way, there are small things you can do to make their lives better and to make sure they get the most out of every day. 


This is important. Older people can sometimes feel lost and even unwelcome out in the world, and they become withdrawn. They don’t do as much as they used to do, and this can mean that their lives become dull and every day is the same. This is not how it has to be or how it should be, so if there are things you can do to improve the situation, you should do them. If you’re not sure what those things might be, read on for some useful tips. 


Photo by Askar Abayev


Visit Them 

Visit your elderly loved ones. It really is that simple. It’s simple, but we often overlook the idea because we have busy lives, and when we’re not busy, we can often feel tired and in need of rest. However, although self-care is very important, and you do need to rest, it’s also vital that you make the time to see older relatives when possible. This can truly improve their lives; it gives them something to look forward to, and it helps them remain social. This is especially true if they live alone. 


Visit as often as you can and make sure you are truly involved in the meeting. Don’t look at your phone or keep thinking that you have to leave. Just be there for them, listen to their stories, tell your own, and enjoy the moment. It will be good for them and you. 


Help Them Feel Useful 

One of the issues that older people often have is that they can feel as though they are a burden on their family members. They don’t want to be seen as a problem, and this can mean they withdraw and don’t do as much as they did. It can also mean they don’t ask for help. 


One way to combat this issue is to ensure that your older loved ones feel useful. To do this, you might give them tasks and chores to do around the house, for example. They could help you make a delicious instant pot tortilla soup recipe for lunch, or they could fold clothes when your laundry is finished dryer. They could clip coupons. It really depends on their mobility and cognitive function, so think carefully about what they can do and whether supervision is needed. However, these seemingly small tasks can have a big positive impact. 


Encourage Regular Physical Activity 

Regular, light exercise can have a significant impact on how you feel physically and mentally. Strength and stamina are increased, blood pressure is lowered, sleep quality is enhanced, heart health is improved, and the immune system is strengthened thanks to regular exercise.


Therefore, encouraging an elderly family member to start exercising is a great way to improve their quality of life. You can encourage them to maintain an active lifestyle in a variety of ways, such as by driving them to and from an exercise class and joining them on exercise outings such as walks around the neighborhood park.