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Best Recommended Foods to Eat Before Going to Sleep

I recently made the connection between my insomnia and the foods I was eating before I went to bed (i always thought it was down to my mattress that caused unrest). Many nights I would sit in front of the television with ice cream in hand as I let the local news bore me to tears, in the hopes of getting ready for a long restful sleep. I used to buy edibles online and take these as I heard that they were great for insomnia, and when I took them I’d have no problems whatsoever getting to sleep. However, every time they ran out I’d find myself up watching late-night infomercials until the very early hours of the morning. Once I understood the best foods to eat before going to sleep, I was able to fall asleep faster and more soundly. With this being said, if you are not sure about the foods that may be affecting your sleep patterns, looking into alternative methods such as trying cannabis products could be something worth doing some research into, especially as we all deserve a good night sleep.

If the idea of trying cannabis products is new to you, but you are desperate to find a solution to getting a good night’s sleep, checking out this guide to buying cannabis could be worth it, especially if you find that this is the route you want to go down. “Cannabis Products” doesn’t necessarily have to mean marijuana either. CBD oil is an extract of cannabis, but it does not contain any psychoactives like marijuana. It has been shown to aid sleep due to it’s calming properties. If you wanted to learn more about CBD oil and it’s uses, you could go over to and read some of their articles relating to CBD and sleep.

I remember thinking about how I felt right after eating Thanksgiving dinner last year, I was falling asleep watching football at four in the afternoon. The amino acid present in turkey is like a magic sleeping pill. So I found similar foods with high levels of amino acids, like pumpkin seeds and soybeans. So now I have a variety of snack foods that will cause my body to shut down at night rather than keeping me in front of the television until the sun comes up.

Eggs and low-fat dairy products are also great foods to help the brain to close down shop for the day. I stopped eating foods like ice cream, candy, and cereal, and began testing rice, crackers, and some breads. These unique mixtures combined offer the perfect pre-sleep little snack. These snacks are rich in carbohydrates, and easily absorbed by the brain after being consumed.

If you want a healthy fruit that will trigger the brain to get sleepy, consider eating some cherries before bed. On my last visit to my doctor, he told me that cherries are one of the only foods that are a natural source of melatonin. This hormone actually is produced naturally by the body and considered a sleep aid. If i can not get cherries from the produce section at my store, I have found that tart cherry juice actually works as good if not better. It is digested faster and will help even the most stubborn cases of insomnia.
I discovered one other excellent late night snack food that can help you to drift off to sleep more soundly. Make some guacamole this afternoon and put in the refrigerator until you get a late night craving. This little green dish is full of magnesium, the perfect ingredient for not only letting you fall asleep faster, but it can have a positive effect on the overall quality of your sleeping.

This post was provided by Omar.