Satellite Girl and Milk Cow DVD out on June 5th #giveaway

I have to say I was really intrigued after reading what this was all about.  It sounded like some of the crazy drams I have had in my life.  I was just as sucked in to this movie as I could be.  With everyone turning into something else and the adventure how could you not love it.

ON JUNE 5, 2018
“Exhilarating and hilarious! A one-of-a-kind tale!” – Hollywood News
Los Angeles, CA – GKIDS and Shout! Factory have announced the release of the charming fantasy/science fiction romance Satellite Girl and Milk Cow on Blu-ray/DVD on June 5, 2018. Bonus features include the short film Coffee Vending Machine And Its Sword, and trailers.
The debut feature-length film from Korean director Chang Hyung-yun, acclaimed creator of animated short films that have premiered and won prizes at festivals worldwide, the highly original Satellite Girl and Milk Cow was produced by Cho Young-kag (The Fake, The King of Pigs), and received an Asia Pacific Screen Award nomination for Best Animated Feature.
An out of commission satellite picks up a lovelorn ballad on her radio antenna and descends to Earth to find the source of such sincere emotions. But on the way she is caught in a raging magical battle and transforms into Satellite Girl, complete with rocket shoes and weapon-firing limbs. Meanwhile, the balladeer in question – a loser twentysomething at a café open mic – meets the fate that befalls all broken-hearted lovers: he is turned into a farm animal. But love knows no bounds, and aided by the wise and powerful Merlin – a wizard who has been turned into a roll of toilet paper – our duo must evade the all-consuming incinerator monster, the wily pig witch, and other nefarious adversaries in an attempt to be together.
Bonus features
·        Coffee Vending Machine And Its Sword Short Film
·        Trailers

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Satellite Girl and Milk Cow DVD



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