Sabi Folio

Sabi Folio Review

The Sabi Folio is a BPA free 6 day pill holder.   Some days you don’t need it.  You know you will be home all day so why bother with the extra day of work.  This one if perfect for the working woman who spends her Saturdays running errands, and tries to have her Sunday to herself.    This is a very convent smaller pill holder.  It will fit right in your purse so you have everyday’s pills with you but you don’t feel like you are lugging around a huge hard cover book.

This is one that I was really interested in, for my normal days.  I have my normal vitamins and of course whatever I am reviewing at the time.  Last week was the cleansing pills and I had them all separated in this box ready to go.   It had 2 compartments for each of the six days so I could separate my day time and my night time pills.  The strap was very tight and keeps them very secure so they did not fall out everywhere.  But at the same time it was also very easy to get off when I needed the pills.  This is a perfect one for my everyday use.  I am so glad I got the chance to try these out.  I have used many pill holders over the years most would not even hold more than 2 pills for the whole day.  With Sabi I have found not only 1 great pill holder but 3 different great ones. They are each great for their own reason and I would recommend them to everyone.

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