ROHTO Cool eye drops

With allergies like mine good eye drops are a must.  For years I never used any because I had used one that completely burned my eyes.  When I got the chance to try these out I thought it was worth trying again.  So off I went when they showed up to give them a try.  I was very worried but to my surprise not only were they very easy to use with the dropper on the top, but I also had an instant cooling feeling and my eye looked better in just seconds.  The itchy red eyes were something I had just gotten used to over the years.

before  after

I am so excited I got to try these.  I now know I did not have to go through all the pain and itchy red eye all those years.  Rohto is a cooling eye drop.  This one is for Maximum redness relief.  It will sooth your eyes for up to 8 hours.  Don’t tell my mom I am sure this is one that would just happen to fall in her purse if she knew how awesome they were.  They are fast acting as you can see from the pictures above that was a difference of only a few seconds and they just got better and better after that.  They will also Sooth eye strain and refresh and lubricate.  These were awesome eye drops and I am so excited I finally found some that I can use and not be afraid.   They have an awesome eye drop for every need they are a must check out.

To check out more and buy your own head here


I would like to note all though I was given this product free to try all opinions are my own I will always be truth-full with you guys.

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