Rescue & Guard Survival Pack

It’s funny. When ever I buy a pack of Band-Aids or anything else I always tell hubby to put it in my Zombie Apocalypse bag. It has become a running joke. When the Rescue Guard Survival Pack showed up hubby said wow you finally just bought the mother of all zombie apocalypse packs. We laughed so hard.

In all reality this is something everyone should have in their home. I remember growing up in California we always had the earth quake emergency kit in our home. It actually did come in handy quite a few times. Not only when the power went, but we also had quite a few earthquakes. Since then, I know that one of my friends has used a article to find the most important things they need to put in their pack. They told me about how their kit was personalized for them and it was just something I always meant to get around to doing.

Being prepared is something everyone should be. I had friends say that it does not matter they don’t have kids. This floored–me having kids is not the only reason to be prepared. Everyone should be. You never know what will happen. Being prepared will make a huge difference when an emergency comes. You have seen the videos of people knowing a disaster is coming and they are running out to get supplies. This only makes it more dangerous.

When you have the Rescue Guard Survival Pack you are already ready. The price is perfect and having one or 2 of these in the house is going to help you sleep a little better.

We got this free in exchange for an honest review.


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