Relocation 101: How To Survive In A New State



So you’re relocating, are you excited? Maybe you’ve got to move for work, you fancied a change or you’re following your dreams, either way, you’re going to need to get it right. Moving house can be extremely expensive, which is why you need to ensure you build a credit score. I know a family who moved from London to the U.S and they had to learn how to establish credit. They love their new house and they’re financially stable, so as long as you plan your move carefully, it can go well! When you relocate, you can just pick up your current life and continue it in a new city. The places are different and the people are new. You’ll need to relocate most of your belongings over a long distance. There will be many decisions you have to make – for example, are you going to look into automobile shipping or will you purchase a new car when you’ve settled into your new place, these types of decisions are abundant, there is no right or wrong way either, it’s whatever is easier for you and your move.

The idea of moving to a new state can soon seem daunting. But it doesn’t have to be. Not with your new survival guide at least. If you’re moving across the country or even to a neighboring state, learn to adjust as quickly as possible and you’ll soon feel right at home.

You’ve bought a new house, got your movers like Burnaby movers that you trust and feel safe with, (or if you haven’t, this post might help – booked and are all packed up. Now that’s all left to make it all work; starting with the first step.

Step 1: Acclimatize

Heading to another part of the country can mess you up. Especially if you’re used to warmer climates and you’re suddenly surrounded by snow, or vice versa. But, you’ve made the move so it’s time to get used to it. Plan ahead and stock up on the new clothing and lifestyle products that you’re going to need in your life new. Don’t wait until you get there. Your surroundings are different now, you need to adjust to them as quickly as you can.

Step 2: Set Up Shop and Make the Changes to Your Home ASAP

Next, you need to make the formal arrangements. If you’re hundreds of miles away from your old town, it’s pretty likely that you’re going to need things like a new doctor or dentist, schools and salons. You may have worked out the school situation before you moved, but if not, get searching. And for your health arrangements, you can use sites like to locate local services. Once you’ve sorted all of the formalities, now is the time to make changes to your new home (if needed!) When we bought a new house, I hated the siding and I knew that as soon as I moved in I would want it changing. Of course, we had to unpack first but it was pretty high on my to-do list. Once everything had settled down a bit, I did some research into the different Siding Types and called a contractor to come and do the job. If you want to change anything about your new home, do it as soon as possible!

Step 3: Get Into A New Rhythm

Then, it’s time to get used to this new life of yours. You really might have a completely new way of living on your hands, but it’s not going anywhere so you may as well embrace it. Do you need a new daily routine? Maybe you need to change the way you’ve done things in the past. Do you need a nanny or should your kid up their extra-curricular activities. The sooner you work these kinks out, the easier the transition will be.

Step 4: Become A Social Butterfly

If you’ve moved to a new city where you know absolutely nobody, it’s time to get you butterfly wings on and change that. Making new friends isn’t always easy, but there are many ways you can go about it (like these – If you moved for work, you’re going to get new colleagues, and that’s one avenue covered. But if it’s your husband’s jobs that you moved for and you’re a stay at home mom, you might need to try other tricks. Head out and meet your neighbours or join a club. Friends will make the entire process so much easier.

Step 5: Write Home

And lastly, remember NOT to cut your losses. Right now, you might be all about building a life in a new place, but it might not work out. Say your company transfers you back or your dream wasn’t as dreamy as you thought. It’s best to stay in touch with your old life in case you ever want it back!