Polana Review

Polana Review

                                          “A Polish Experience”

   Polana has a wide range of products.  You can get almost all your food shopping done in just one place.  If you are looking for something special for the holidays or just because you love great meats, cheese and bakery items this is the place to go.  They have a wide range of sausages, bacon, cheesecake and so much more.  Everything came air tight package and was frozen with dry ice.  It went right from the cooler to the freezer and did not get freezer burn at all. 

                     Wedding Sausage (Weselna)

         When I first opened this package you would not believe the garlic aroma that filled the air.  Hubby came running in from the other room wondering what I was cooking.  I opened this package the day before and let defrost in the fridge (per online instruction for best taste and aroma). The amount of sausage that came in this package was a lot.  It is enough to feed me and hubby for 4 meals.  You get all this sausage for $9.25 I don’t know about you but in my town I pay twice as much as that for half as much sausage and it not as good as this one.

 We made an awesome Wedding sausage skillet

  Cut up sausage

  Cut up Potatoes

   Cut up an onion

Add 2 teaspoons of butter and desires seasoning (I used garlic powder, paprika, and pepper)

  Threw everything in the skillet cook and eat.

  This was fantastic.  This sausage is one of the best I have ever tastes.

             Poppy Seed Roll – Makowiec

  This was a perfect desert for Thanksgiving and for Christmas.  It came with 2 rolls inside the package so I could defrost one and save the other.  I was a little weary about what it would taste like when I got it (I am not a fan of raisins) but it was delicious.  The slight hint of orange and honey in it made it to die for.  If you have a holiday party to go to this year, make sure to pick one of these up when shopping online defrost put on a cute platter and bam a nice desert to bring with you.

I am in love with Polana.  There prices are fantastic and there food is delicious.  They are a must shop not only for the holiday season but for all year round.

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I got this free to try in exchange for an honest review