Ozeri Bathroom Scale

                                              Ozeri Gen II Digital Bathroom Scale


I got the chance to try the Ozeri bathroom scale this week and loved it.  I have to admit I have not owned a scale in over 20 years. I can not believe all the stuff this scale can do. 

Something you may not know about me is in the last year I have lost 46 lbs.  I was always afraid to buy a scale I did not want to know what it was going to tell me.  Now that I have tried this beauty I wish I would have gotten it sooner. It not only tells you your weight but also body fat and body  water  . I believe this scale is going to help me with those last 15 pesky pounds. As you know the cleaning of a product is just as important to me with a 2 year old everything is dirty.lol  This is a quick and easy wet rag a few swiped and all cleaned up.


Not only does this scale have all these great features but it is also looks great, a nice glass and stainless steel. Not some big bulky thing in our bathroom.   This is truly a fantastic product that I know we will have around the house for years.  You will not be disappointed with this great product a great addition to any home.


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