Nuvo Cig

Have you ever been out and about and really wanted a cigarette but did not want to light up with so many people around? Or are you just looking for a Cig alternative? Perhaps you’re looking for something like snus/chew bags that are easily available to order online, instead of having to smoke something? But if you want to stick to having a smoke, then checking out Nuvo cig is a must. Not only do they have a wide range of tobacco strengths but they also have a wide range of flavors. For my review I checked out.

Tobacco High nicotine

Lemon Lime High Nicotine

Champagne High Nicotine

Strawberry Low nicotine

Vanilla Low nicotine

Every single one of these flavors was pretty strong you could tell for sure which one you were trying. They were all fantastic. You can buy different kits to customize your e-cig. From different size batteries to different cases, your set can be a unique as you are. I got to try the smaller batteries and the bigger batteries. The smaller ones are perfect for a day out. The bigger one is perfect if you will be out for a long time. I had a few friends join me when trying these out and we loved them all. The bigger battery gave us a bigger draw but the smaller battery seamed to make the cartridges last longer. You will find your perfect combo at Nuvo cig and at a perfect price. The other great thing about this one is when your cartridge is gone you don’t have to buy a whole new starter set. You can just buy the cartridges as you need them and switch the flavors and nicotine levels as you like.

For those who are marijuana smokers but still want the e-cig experience as an alternative to smoking, check out these weed juul pods. This is a perfect alternative to getting your high and is just as enjoyable as the Nuvo cig for tobacco smokers above.

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I would like to note all though I was given this product free to try all opinions are my own I will always be truth-full with you guys.