Nuby Step-up Stool

I got the chance to try out the Nuby Step-up Stool and loved it.

Baby boy is at the point now where he wants to help with the dishes, brush his own teeth and wash his face.  Holding him so he can reach was becoming such a problem.  We bought him a cheap stool thinking it would help but it slipped out from under him and one time buckled in the middle it was not a good option for us.


When we got this stool I stood there over him for about 40 minutes thinking it was going to do the same.  But it did not.  This stool was very sturdy, even when the floor below him was wet the stool did not slip at all.  He could reach to do the dishes and climbs up every night and every morning to brush and clean up makes it so much easier on this mommy.

I have even used it for myself the stool said it can hold up to 800 lbs.  Luckily I am no where near this wait but I do weigh a lot more than a toddler and it did not buckle or slip at all.  As a shorter person it is great to find a product like this that is not only great for my little guy, but also for me I know now reach the top


Update:  my son is now 5 years old and this is still in perfect condition.  He uses it everyday.


This is such a great product I would suggest it to everyone.

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I would like to note all though I was given it free to try all opinions are my own I will always be truth-full with you guys.

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