My Brest Friend Burp Cloths

I got the chance to try out My Brest Friend Burp Cloths.  These were great burp cloths.





When shopping for little guy I had bought so many different kinds of burp cloths and I ended up throwing most of them away, either they were to thin and leaked right threw, or so small they did not help at all.

When I got to try these burp cloths it reminded me of the three little bears they were just right.  They are a great size and they are thick enough to actually work. They actually fit over my shoulder and on my lap in case you have a tiny one that you lap burp.

folded in thirds. ya I am not the best folder.

They had an adorable design on them they have ones for girls and boys.   They are from a great quality fabric, and they very easy to clean just throw in the washer and dryer and done.   I washed them and dried them 4 times to see how they would hold up and they still looked brand new.  A lot of people think a new mom will need 10-20 burp cloths. I have found that you do not need as many when they are a good quality and hold up great like these. I would suggest getting 2 packs that way you have 1 set while you wash the other set. Unless you don’t do laundry to much then buy

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I would like to note all though I was given it free to try all opinions are my own I will always be truth-full with you guys.

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