What To Expect As A Mum Of Boys

If you have been lucky enough to be blessed with two or more sons, you will know the strange looks and the back-handed comments about being able to cope with some many little boys. It is true, parenting boys is a lot different from parenting girls, but there are some things that can be managed if you know what to expect.

 Nguyen Dinh Lich from Pixabay 


Accidents will happen

Boys will be boys, and this can mean a trip to urgent care on a regular basis. Thankfully, if this is your life, a lot of the nurses and staff will be familiar with boys being boys. You should have your own first aid kit handy with a large supply of plasters. For things that cannot be solved with the first aid kit, you will need a trip to the hospital where they will know you on a first-name basis after a while. Don’t feel bad about it, it is the normal part of mothering boys. They will break things including themselves from time to time.


Food food and more food

If there is one thing that you need to know about boys is that they eat a lot. Even the small ones can eat an impressive amount of food. When they are teenagers, say goodbye to your money because it is being spent on cereal. You will need to keep a ready supply of snacks and other goodies that they will eat as well as the three means that are provided for them. Don’t ask us where they put it, it is one of those mysteries in life that cannot be solved. You buy food and they eat it without hesitation.


Cleaning stuff

We hate to say it but boys can be smelly. It doesn’t matter if you make them shower every day, there is still a pong that can happen in their rooms. You will need to invest in some of the finest cleaning products that money can buy to ensure that the house doesn’t get stinky. You might have to invest in some plug-in fragrance things for their room to help keep it in check. You will need to poke them to get them moving and their room will need to be regularly cleaned, but try to teach them to do this so that they can cope with living on their own when they are older.


Big cuddles

It doesn’t matter how big they get, they will always be your babies and they will need hugs. Except when they are big blokes they will give you big man hugs. Don’t forget this as boys tend to hold their emotions inside and sometimes they just need their mum to demand a hug. Don’t be afraid to grab the hold of them and give them a hug, you never know when they will need one. Plus it is nice to get a big hug from one of your sons. Just don’t let them hug you at the same time, that can be awkward and painful.