Practical Ways to Make your Business Greener

Do you want to make your business greener? Maybe you feel as though your practices are harming the environment and you want to put an end to this. Either way, there are many ways you can turn things around. Take a look below to find out more.


Conserve Water


One way to support the environment would be for you to try and conserve water where possible. It may be that you try and fix your leaking faucets and that you also make changes to your business processes, so you can reduce your water usage.  Remember, there are eco-friendly water systems out there that you can use if you want to avoid wastage.

Source: Pexels (CC0 License)

Use Green Cleaning Products


The chemicals in a lot of cleaning products have very harmful implications for the environment, as well as your health. Switch to non-toxic products if you can, as this will help you to protect your skin from harmful ingredients. It will also stop your team from breathing in toxic fumes. If you want to help your company here then one thing you can do is hire a green cleaning service.


Use Solar Energy


If you have a lot of land around your business, then why not get some solar panels installed? If you want, you can even sell any energy you don’t use. If you want to go into the solar business on a bigger scale, then one thing you can do is explore community solar customer acquisition, so you can make money from solar panels while helping the environment.


Ride a Bike to Work


Riding a bike to work comes with a lot of benefits. You may find that you can take advantage of improved cognitive function as well as better vascular health. If you have a very long commute then you can try and create a carpool with other people who are going to the same place. You can also take the time to reward team members who are doing their bit by carpooling, by giving them incentives based on how often they carpool.


Plant Trees and Shrubs


Shrubs and trees are a huge part of the ecosystem. They act as filters for pollution as well. The great thing about shrubs and trees is that they make your company appear way nicer from a visual perspective and the upkeep of them isn’t too much either. They produce oxygen and they also improve the air quality all around you as well. Shade from trees may also cool down your office if you are having a problem with powerful sunlight so make sure that you keep this in mind.



Creating some bins for recycling is a very good way for you to make your company as green as possible. When you have clear bins that can be used for plastic, cardboard, paper and more, you will soon find that your staff get into the habit of using them and this is great, to say the least. People are often more than happy to do their bit for the environment, if they have the means to do so.