Like A Boss Swag Giveaway


Who else is excited for Like A Boss movie to come out?  I have been waiting and I am so excited to bring you this awesome Swag giveaway for Like A boss .


Best friends, Mia and Mel (Tiffany Haddish and Rose Byrne) are living their best lives,
running their own cosmetics company until a villainous beauty mogul (Salma Hayek)
conspires to steal it from under them. When her devious plan drives the besties apart,
Mia and Mel learn that sticking together is the only way to turn the tables and take their
company back. The beauty business is about to get ugly. The film also stars
Jennifer Coolidge and Billy Porter.


One Lucky U.S Winner will win

We have a fun branded toiletry + compact mirror kit similar to the one used in the movie and a Digital Code

Please not as warehouses are closed I can not tell you what the shipping time of the prize will be.  If you do win you will be shipped out as soon as warehouses are open again.

Like A Boss Swag


  1. By making sure my kids are doing the class work they are being sent ! I have high, middle, and elementary school here!

  2. I try to keep my house in order by making sure everyone is fed and kept as healthy as possible.

  3. I’m a boss everyday at work so that keeps me on my toes and at home I’m like a boss cleaning and taking care of my family

  4. I’m a boss by taking care of my sister who has lung cancer and one who has m.s.and I keep my house in order by handling the bills,the housework,my cat,I make sure my husband remembers what he needs to do after work.

  5. I run a tight ship. I take care of my 74-year-old dad. Two people who were previously homeless now live with us and are doing good. I have two great-nieces, ages 13 and 11 and a great-nephew who lives with me as well. It’s a lot of work to meet so many needs, but we all work together and as strange as it may look, it works for us and I handle it Like a Boss!

  6. I’m like a boss when my grandkids come over. I love spoiling them, but like all kids, they tend to take advantage ?

  7. I am like a boss because I like to have things done the way I want them done.

  8. I’m like a boss because I’m pregnant working every day and soon to graduate with an MSW in June.

  9. I am a boss at the store. I’m always telling our family what to get and what we need!

  10. I am like a boss when I tell my husband that he has to wash his hands often now!

  11. making sure everyone gets their chores done daily before having some fun

  12. I’m the boss of my body. I’m always telling it what to do and what to eat, etc.

  13. I feel like a boss because I am a female resident physician taking care of people during the pandemic

  14. I am like a boss because I do raise my voice when I am upset and people see it right away. Then they back down and are afraid 🙂

  15. I’m a boss with my pushy attitude and things have to be done my way (Which is best – of course)

  16. I take of 8 people like a boss; I handle every cry, every argument and every yell like a boss…. without losing my mind!

  17. I’m a GaGa for 4 kids and I chased them around this morning like a BOSS!

  18. I thought I was the boss of my furry friends OR at least the head of the household, but think again ?

  19. I act like I am the boss of our pets but in truth they are the boss but don’t tell them that.

  20. I handle more than my share without fail and without whining. #Morethanawarrior

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