Intimates Wantable box

May Intimates Wantable box

As you all know I love wantable subscription boxes.  You can get Jewelry, makeup or intimates, or of course you can get one of all three.  You can get them delivered monthly for $36.00 a box or, and here is the twist I love you can buy just one at a time for just $40.00.  This is awesome most subscription boxes you have to sign up monthly but not this one you can just buy when you can and you still get the great items.  The items you get are worth a whole lot more then you pay.   You get a special box packed just for you.  When you first sign up for the box you will go through and pick your likes and dislikes so you box will be special just for you.  If you don’t like you box don’t worry you can send back and get a new one.


In my box I got

Betsey Johnson Tee think pink   Retail $36.00

I love Betsey Johnson.  I have loved her clothes and shoes for years.  The shirt is a beautiful pink with a little bling.  I love that it is longer in the back so if I want to wear yoga pants it will give me a little more coverage.  The material is very soft and it fits like a dream.

Rhea lace boy shorts                      Retail $12.00

I love not only the material of these boy shorts but they also do not ride up on me.  I love all the colors and they were very well made.

Ruffle Tank                                         Retail $22.00

This is a perfect tank top for lounging around the house.  Like the shirt above it is longer in the back to cover up a little more if I am wearing tighter pants.


Mix match Argyle socks               Retail $15.00

These were a first for me.  Mix and match sock.  They are perfect.  If I can be honest I lose so many socks not many of mine match.  These are great even though none of them match they all have colors that match so you can pair them any way you like and never worry about that dryer monster eating one sock and having to throw them away.


I totally loved my box.  I am a color girl and this box had all my color and everything I love.  I cannot tell you enough about wantable boxes they are perfect for an every month subscription or just once and awhile when you want to spoil yourself.

To see what my picks for likes and dislikes were see picture below.

To buy your very own box head to the link below


Wantable Intimates


I would like to note all though I was given this product free to try all opinions are my own I will always be truth-full with you guys. Please see full disclosure below