Iconic American Dishes You Can Recreate at Home

Trying to think of what to cook for your family is often something of a weekly (or even daily) trial. When you have different family members with varying tastes and maybe even some picky eaters in your midst, choosing meals that everyone is happy with can be pretty tough. But if you want to make sure that everyone eats well, one thing that you often can’t go wrong with is the American classics. American food has been influenced by cuisines from all over the world, resulting in a hodge-podge of dishes, including some that are uniquely American. Try these iconic American dishes that you can recreate at home next time you cook for the family.

Image from Pexels – CC0 License


Famous Sandwiches


Sandwiches are something that you can find in some form across many cuisines, whether they’re open-faced, cold, hot, or it’s debatable whether they’re actually a sandwich. The United States does sandwiches like no other country, with influences from Jewish cuisine, French food, and much more. If you want to recreate a legendary sandwich at home, you can’t go wrong with copying the best Philly cheesesteak you can get. It’s a well-known sandwich for a reason. Other great sandwiches to try making could include po’boys, Reubens, or just a classic club sandwich.


BBQ Dishes


Barbecue is loved across the US, but particularly in the south. It’s something that can vary a lot by region, from the meat used to how the sauce is made. Everyone has their opinions about what style of BBQ is best, and some people can get pretty heated about it. But whatever type of barbecue you like, you can always try to make it at home. It can seem pretty simple a lot of the time, but getting the basics right is a must. Things like buying quality meat and allowing time to marinate and cook it will help you create amazing barbecue.


Perfect Pasta


The large Italian-American community has meant that there are multiple pasta dishes beloved across the US. Some of them are close to the original Italian recipes, while others are uniquely Italian-American. Most people have a couple of pasta dishes under their belt, whether they’re for everyday meals or special occasions. If there’s one classic you should definitely know how to make, it’s mac and cheese. It’s something that you’ll find in many family’s recipe books, but they’ll have particular ways of doing things for the perfect results.


Classic Desserts


No meal is really complete without a dessert. If you want crowd-pleasers for the whole family, you can’t go wrong with a pie. Of course, there’s the classic all-American apple pie, as well as holiday favorites such as pecan pie. Then there are options like key lime pie that you can never go wrong with. Pies are often easier to make than you might think, especially if you cheat and buy pre-made pastry instead of making it yourself.


Make the whole family happy by recreating these classic American dishes at home. There are so many recipes you can try to find the perfect ones.