How to Organize Your Dresser Like a Pro

Are you frustrated by the overstuffed dresser in your bedroom? Organizing your clutter can be daunting. You may choose to do it one time and then before you know it, it’s back to its original cluttered state. When it’s messy, it’s quite a challenge even locating stuff. 

However, by following some simple expert tips, you can get your dresser organised like a pro. The pro tips below will help you clear up the mess quickly and make getting dressed fun again.

Declutter Your Dresser

What do you own? That seems to be the biggest question when organizing your dresser. Creating a well-organised dresser starts with having a good inventory. Even though drawers provide the perfect solution to keep your important clothes, they also provide the easiest option for keeping items you may never wear. By identifying the clothes that shouldn’t be taking space and removing them, it becomes easier to remain organised. Take a moment once you have emptied your dresser to figure out if all the clothes left therein are worth keeping in the available space.

Group Your Items by Category

Sorting kicks in once you’ve decluttered your dresser. To this extent, you will want to take a closer look at your clothes and evaluate what you truly love and what you wear most. You can split your items into categories, including tops, undergarments, and cheap maternity dresses among other categories to ensure consistency. Being more specific also enables you to easily grab the items you want while on the go.

Arrange Folded Items

One of the most common mistakes many people make is folding bulky items and keeping them in the dressers. While folding works perfectly for certain types of clothing, it’s never the best option for bulky items such as jeans, which may stretch out of shape. Instead, you should fold such clothing over hangers while placing lighter items on top of the heavier ones. Still, you may want to arrange your items by color and functionality to maintain consistency and organisation.

Differentiate Your Drawers

Dedicate one duty to each drawer. Whether undergarments, tops, bottoms, or accessories, it’s imperative to understand what role each drawer plays. Alternatively, you could differentiate your drawers by purpose such as casual clothing, seasonal, or workout among others. Differentiating your drawers can get confusing within the first few weeks. So, getting creative with varied knobs, paints or sticky notes would help.

Keep the Top of your Dresser Neat

Although often ignored, the dresser top can be perfect for storing your jewelry and other accessories. Bearing that in mind, it’s all the more important to keep it neat and free from clutter. Also, you can use organizers to separate small items such as bottles and brushes while keeping your drawer more organised.

The above tips will help you organize your dresser like a pro and make getting dressed a lot more fun and easier. Still, you could personalize your method to settle for what works best for you. Always remember that you can find cheap bedroom furniture online, including quality dressers that befit all your needs at pocket-friendly pricing.

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