Holiday Bigelow Tea

      Holiday Bigelow Tea Review

  If you are a tea lover like me Bigelow tea is a must check out, especially their holiday collection.  I have loved their teas for years, but I never knew of these awesome holiday flavors.  I am so used to the old normal holiday flavors by others that I did not even think to look.  When these showed up to review I was blown away.  Such unique holiday flavors and they were fantastic.

  The Salted Caramel was to die for.  The Carmel and salt scent filled the air when I made this tea. The smell and the flavor of this tea was amazing.    If you are looking for a fantastic tea to help curve your sweet tooth this is a must check out.

The Plantation mint was wonderful.  You can smell the mint right when you opened up the bag.  This one is also great if you ate too many Christmas cookies it helps sooth a sour stomach.

 The Peppermint Bark was awesome.  I don’t think there is more to say its chocolate and mint what is not to love.  This one was an awesome after dinner tea.  I could drink this one all night.

 The Constant Comment was a fantastic flavor of orange spice.  This is my all day tea.  I loved the taste I could drink it all day long and I did.  I loved that the flavor of the orange spice was strong enough to get a great flavor but it did not overwhelm the tea flavor.

 The eggnogg’n was very different.  This was such a great unique flavor you got your egg nog and tea all in one.

 The Ginger snappish was a fantastic blend of ginger with just a hint of lemon.  If you are looking for a relaxing drink at night this is the way to go.


  With all these great tasting holiday tea flavors you cannot go wrong.  If you are a tea lover yourself or you are looking for a gift for a friend make sure to check out their web site they have gift sets already set up and ready for you to send for the holidays.  I love Bigelow tea and I would recommend them to everyone. 

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I would like to note all though I was given this product free to try all opinions are my own I will always be truth-full with you guys.

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