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Harvey Prince Hello Review

I have had the chance to work with Harvey prince before and I have loved their products.  I was so excited when I got the chance to try out this new Hello set. The Hello collection scent is Sicilian lemon, Spanish mandarin, and plumeria botanicals.  This is a very sweet and tropical scent.  I just loved it.  It  really gave me a pick me up and made me feel pretty. It was a scent that really lasted but was not so strong that it over powered the room.

The lotion was very thick and really left my skin soft and smelling wonderful.  The Shower soap not only came with a pump which I loved, I could make sure I was not using way too much, it also lathered up fantastic and left my skin soft, clean and smelling fantastic.  These two with the perfume was a perfect match.  With them all layered you could not help but smell great and feel great.

Harvey Prince has a wide range of fantastic scents and matching soaps and lotions in those scents.  I have gotten the chance to try most of these out.  Whenever they send me one to try out they also send some fantastic sample vials and I have to say one of my other favorites is there new Cherry Blossom it is also a much check out.


I have fallen in love with Harvey Prince and hope to keep on working with them in the future.  As I said above everything I have tried from them has been fantastic.

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I would like to note all though I was given this product free to try all opinions are my own I will always be truth-full with you guys. Please see full disclosure below