I was scrolling through Instagram and saw Grumblies and of course I fell in love.  These little guys are a cute angry at least that’s what my son calls it.  When you tip them and push their belly they have a few different sounds, when they get really riled up he starts jumping around he is way to cute.

Now normally my son gets first pick of cute toys that show up but this guy I keep for myself.  I don’t know what it is about him but he is my new friend. Lol At least that’s what I thought until my nephew came and snatched him up lol.  This little guy was such a hit everyone wanted him.

He is cute and Grumblie all at the same time.  They have a few in the collections so you will want to get a few of them.  Even better news they are not expensive so you can get a few and not go over budget. Right now, on they are on sale so make sure to jump over there right away and start shopping.

Some of the cute guys you can get.  The one I got green guy was Tremor. Red guy with the funny teeth is Scorch.  Purple buddy’s name is Bolt, and of course blue is Hydro.   They have 40 reactions and sounds.  Everyone wants a mysterious Grumblies but be careful they can get angry and have a meltdown.  Are you ready to take care of your Grumblies?


We got this free in exchange for an honest review

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