Awesome New Goliath Games

We got these great Goliath Games free in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

This year we went to Sweet Suite at home and it was a blast.  Goliath games set us up on a zoom meeting with some great other bloggers where we ate snacks and played Burping Bobby.  I think it was the highlight of our day this new game was so much fun.

Burping Bobby was so much fun.  You grab one of the little pieces during your turn and  and before you look you guess will it be an onion, soda, ect.  If you are wrong you turn the handle how many times it says.  If you are right then you can to keep the disk.  If Burping bobby burps while turning the handle then you are out.  I love that you can even change the rules and turn this game into a learning lesson for at home schooling.

Goliath Games has a wide range of games that we have loved.  They are a blast and each one is perfect for younger or older kids.  They have just a few rules so you don’t have to worry about younger ones remembering all the rules.

If you are using games for at home learning or even holding family game nights then Goliath Games is going to be a must in your house.