Fulcrum Gallery Art Review

I love to have great art in our house. When it comes to my taste I love pictures I love to see places I want to be or want to go and some days I can just stare and day dream. I also love the fact that having art on our walls helps to promote my sons creative side. No one was more excited when this picture showed up then baby boy he thought it was one of the best things in the world and insisted that it was his and it should go in his room.

The creativity of our kids is dwindling away with all the video games out there with no imagination, and art classes being cut from schools I truly believe that we should not only have art all around out house so they can see it daily but also encourage our kids to try it themselves. Buy them the pictures then get them a camera and have them go take some pictures of their favorite things. You never know you might have a budding artist in your home and maybe one day Fulcrum will be selling his paintings or pictures.

I picked the Diane Romanello – Among Friends with the black frame and white matting and Plexiglas. When it came in and hubby was putting it up he was so excited by how it hangs he said it is the best one he has ever seen. This is high praise from hubby. The pictures its self was not only beautiful but looked great. The matting and the frame were perfect and looked fantastic. They packed it well for shipping so everything showed up perfect. I’m glad we went with the people we did, though next time I may use one company a friend recommended for international shipping new york, and see if they’ll deliver to me too. Regardless, when it came to the gallery they had a very wide range of paintings and pictures to choose from so whether you are looking for something particular or something you have never seen before you are sure to find your perfect combo here. They have great prices and they have great sales, they are a don’t miss out on for sure.

I love Fulcrum Gallery and would recommend them to everyone.

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