Froggys Lair an amazing STEM and Pet project They will love

We got these awesome froggy’s Lair Frogs  free in exchange for an honest review all opinions are our own.

That’s right all I have another story for you all.  I grew up always having animals.  I love to have a house full, when I went off to college I could not bring them with me.  It was me all alone and I was so used to having friends with me all the time.  The place we rented did not allow animals and I wanted a few friends.  My husband went out and found me African Dwarf frogs.  These little guys were so entertaining and I loved them.   After they passed away about 5 years later we were never able to find them again.

Then I got an email from Froggy’s Lair and I was jumping out of my seat.  My son loves animals as much as I do and I always wanted to get him the same awesome frogs I had.   When I got the email I ran into his room and told him his new friends would be here before his Birthday and he was so excited.  He did not sleep all night and even cleaned off the kitchen table to get ready for them.

Lucky for us Froggy’s Lair has such quick shipping because the frogs were here the next day with everything we needed including a years worth of food.  They sent the whole Bio system and it was so easy to put together.

If you are like me and hone schooling right now this is not only an awesome Stem project its also a great way for them to learn responsibility.   He is actually keeping track of the days so he can feed them and spends a lot of time talking to them and watching them.

In this kit you get 2 frogs our are names Froggy and Greninja.  You get the tank, sand, (your choice) of colored rocks, and the bamboo.  This makes a while Eco System that will keep your frogs and little ones entertained and learning for a long time.