Pop Culture , Entertainment and Movie Gifts 2021

From video games, to movies and electronics they are always a huge hit in our home.  We love to find great games and movies that our family loves.  We have gathered some of the awesome ones we have found this year.  Don’t forget for a lot of the video games and movies you can gift the digital version so shipping needed.  Great gifts for friends and family who are farther away.  This post contains Affiliate links and most of the movies and games were gifts all opinions are our own.



Electronic gifts are always a huge hit on our home.  JBL makes some of the best electronics that you can buy and they have a very reasonable price.  These Noise canceling ear buds were very easy to set up and I love that they have noise canceling.  I can wear these around the house while hubby is watching football.  I can enjoy me music and he can enjoy his game. Smartly designed 6.0mm drivers enhanced by the stick form factor deliver JBL’s Pure Bass Sound so you’ll feel every pulsing beat.




Sex and The City: The Complete Series + 2 Movie Collection” – Available on Blu-ray™ Nov. 2

One of my all time favorite series I watch the whole series at least a few times a year. Hold on to your Manolos and Cosmos! Warner Bros. Home Entertainment will release all six seasons of the groundbreaking HBO comedy series Sex and the City plus both Sex and the City feature films on Blu-ray for the first time on November 2, 2021. Just in time for the holiday gift-giving season, Sex and The City: The Complete Series + 2 Movie Collection will feature 96 unforgettable episodes of the iconic series plus Sex and the City: The Movie and Sex and the City 2 in one, elegant must-own box set. It’s the ultimate collection for any Sex and the City fan and includes over 3 hours of previously released special features! Sex and The City: The Complete Series + 2 Movie Collection is priced to own at $179.99 SRP ($194.99 Canada).


Smallville: The Complete Series 20th Anniversary Edition” – Now Available On Blu-ray

t’s been 20 years since Clark Kent first arrived in Kansas, and in honor of the 20th Anniversary of the remarkable series, Smallville: The Complete Series 20th Anniversary Edition is now available for the first time ever on Blu-ray from Warner Bros. Home Entertainment. This set for the ultimate fan features all 218 episodes along with over 28 hours of bonus features from all 10 incredible seasons, plus Digital Copy (US Only). Smallville: The Complete Series 20th Anniversary Edition Blu-ray is priced to own at $179.99 SRP ($209.99 in Canada) and will also be available on DVD for $154.99 SRP ($184.99 in Canada)

Supernatural: The Complete Series” – Now Available on DVD & Blu-ray

OMG One of my all time favorite series If you have not watched Supernatural yet just buy the whole series if you don’t you will be kicking yourself. After fifteen incredible seasons, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment marks the end of an era with the release of Supernatural: The Complete Series. The set contains all 327 thrilling episodes from the phenomenal series, as well as countless hours of bonus features from all 15 epic, not-to-be-missed seasons. Fans who purchase the Complete Series will also receive a 68-page Collectible Book filled with new images from the beloved series, set designs and letters to the Supernatural Family from both Eric Kripke and Robert Singer. The Complete Series is priced to own on DVD for $329.99 SRP ($369.99 in Canada), and on Blu-ray for $359.99 SRP ($399.98 in Canada).


DC’s Legends of Tomorrow: The Complete Sixth Season

DC Legends of Tomorrow is an amazing series you will be hooked on in no time.  I love that they travel threw time and I get to learn a little something too. The fate of the universe is in your hands – and we would love if you could share this announcement with your audience today! If you can post, please don’t forget to send me your coverage on your site and socials.

The Mitchells vs. the Machines | Available on Digital, Blu-ray & DVD 12/14

Guys me and little LOVE this movie it is fun for the whole family.  You can pre-buy right now and it will be at your be at your door the day it is released. The Mitchells vs. the Machines An old school father and his plugged-in, filmmaker daughter struggle to relate as their family embarks on a road trip to her new college. Their drive is interrupted by a machine apocalypse that threatens to tear these unlikely heroes apart unless they can find a way to join forces and save humanity.


The Ultimate Aang and Korra Blu-rayTM Collection

This is the ultimate gift for the anime collector this holiday season the  The Ultimate Aang and Korra Blu-rayTM Collection is going to be on everyone’s list this year.  This series is fun for the whole family and the animation in it is amazing.  I love that they have bonus footage that you will not be able to see anywhere else.  

Video games are always a hit for our family.  We love playing together and they had some awesome ones out this year.


PAW Patrol The Movie: Adventure City Calls

  • Available now on Switch/Xbox/PS4/Steam
  • Great for pre-schoolers, ages 3+
    • Play as your favourite pups including Chase, Skye, Marshall, and new streetwise city  girl, Liberty – and use their unique abilities in high-adrenaline rescue missions. Use next-level gadgets and vehicles  to explore all-new locations from PAW Patrol: The Movie. You can play solo, or in couch co-pup mode with a friend, in this fun-for-all 3D platforming adventure.

The Addams Family: Mansion Mayhem

  • Available now on Switch/Xbox/PS4/Steam
  • Children ages 7+
    • Family game night is about to get terrifyingly exciting! Save the Addams Family Mansion from destruction in this hilarious 3D platform adventure for up to four players. Play minigames that will have you bumping and jumping over each other to win.

Blaze and The Monster Machines: Axle City Racers

  • Available now on Switch/Xbox/PS4/Steam
  • Racing game for pre-schoolers, ages 3+
    • Compete with up to 4 players in couch split-screen mode, get ready to race with Blaze and his monster machine friends. Power up with speed boosts, upgrades, and unique character abilities or win the Cup at the Axle City Grand Prix, the Monster Dome, and more, the world of Blaze is yours to explore.


PJ Masks: Heroes Of The Night 

  • Available now on Switch/Xbox/PS4/Steam
  • Perfect for pre-schoolers, ages 3+
    • Go into the night to save the day as Catboy, Owlette, and Gekko! Use your superpowers to explore the world of PJ Masks and find hidden collectibles, in a platforming adventure for little heroes. Can you stop villains Romeo, Luna Girl, and Night Ninja taking over the world?

My Friend Peppa Pig

  • Available now on Switch/Xbox/PS4/Steam
  • Aimed at 3+
    • Start a fun-filled adventure with Peppa Pig! Create your character, ring the doorbell, and step into the popular TV show. Peppa suggests activities everywhere you go, from the Museum to Potato City. Help find Daddy Pig‘s glasses, follow forest tracks, splash in muddy puddles, and more. Every playtime is different

Fast & Furious Rise of SH1FT3R

  • Available now on Switch/Xbox/PS4/Steam
  • Racing game for older kids, ages 6+
    • Inspired by the smash hit Netflix show, this new racing game is a thrilling racing tournament that takes place in a host of incredible locations from around the world including Los Angeles, Rio de Janeiro and the Sahara desert. Players can race as one of their favourite characters including Tony Toretto or as a member of criminal gang SH1FT3R in story mode, couch co-op, or online multiplayer for up to 6 players.


Last Kids on Earth and The Staff of Doom

  • Available now on Switch/Xbox/PS4/Steam
  • Action video game for older kids and tweens
    • In The Last Kids on Earth and the Staff of Doom, fans can immerse themselves in an all-new story, exploring the massive town of Wakefield and taking on hordes of zombies. Play as the series’ legendary heroes Jack, Quint, June and Dirk, as they search for the missing pieces of the ultra-powerful ‘Staff of Doom’ and try to overcome Malondre, the Queen of the Slime Monsters, as she seeks to summon Rezzoch, the Ancient Destructor of Worlds. Players will be able to jump into 1-4 player offline couch co-op mode, which will soon be followed by a patch that will add online multiplayer functionality later this year.

DreamWorks Spirit Lucky’s Big Adventure

  • Available on Switch/Xbox/PS4/Steam
  • Open-world game for horse lovers
    • Players can ride as Lucky with her faithful Mustang, Spirit, and her fearless best friends, Abigail and Pru, on new treasure-hunting adventures. They can discover the hidden treasures of Lucky’s frontier town, Miradero, while navigating dangers like the villainous horse wrangler Hendricks. The new game also lets fans explore the massive open-world frontier, embark on exciting quests, take photos of unique in-game animals, and pick up various collectibles along the way.