Dimples Party Wings

Dimples Party Wings


With my birthday and 4th of July in one week it is normally a huge week of bbqing at our house.  This year it has been cold and raining all week.  I still wanted my fantastic Dimples BBQ Sauce but I did not want to cook for hours in the cold.  So we did what was meant to be party wings in the oven.  When we opened them it turned out to be wing quarters.  Not a problem just more to eat.  If you are stuck in the house this is a great way to bring a little BBQ flavor inside this holiday weekend.

What you will need

Chicken wings



Bacon greasy (optional)



Dimples BBQ Sauce


In Bowl One Mix


1 tablespoon Bacon grease (this is not necessary but I had some cooling off from breakfast)

1 Teaspoon butter (melted)

½ cup milk


In Bowl 2 Mix


1 cup flour

Seasonings I used

Cyan pepper


Garlic Salt



Roll the wings in the butter mixture then the flour mixture


Place on baking sheet covered in parchment paper


Cook 350 for one hour.  If after 45 minutes you notice you made the flour mixture too thick and it’s not getting crispy no worries.  Just spray the top with spray butter or oil.  It will crisp it right up.



Take out and place in a bowl and toss with Dimples BBQ Sauce


Place back on the pan and cook at 350 for another 15 minutes


Take out and serve without awesome Bacon Ranch Potatoes salad.

IMG_8316   IMG_8318