Death Wish

          Death Wish Coffee

   Death wish coffee is as dark as a coffee can be roasted.  It has twice the kick of other premium coffees.   If you like strong coffee that will really wake you up this is the way to go.  I was excited when we got to try it.  Hubby has told me before that when he is on his 5th day of work (he works around 12 hours a day) his other coffee just do not wake him up.  They never had enough kick to wake him up.  When we got this one in he was in seventh heaven. 

  This coffee woke him up after just half a cup and keeps him going for hours.  He did not crash after the caffeine had worn off.  That is always a big plus when you still have hours of work left.   If you get up early in the morning and need a real pick me up or just have kids and never seem to wake up this is a must have in the house. 

  You can get this super strong blend by the pound, five pounds or in cups.  No matter which way you drink your coffee they have it ready for you.  They also offer free shipping on all orders of $50.00 or more in the US.  This coffee is USDA Organic and you can get it in the U.S, Canada, or the UK. 

I love the hat.  Thank you so much I will rock it all winter long.

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I would like to note all though I was given this product free to try all opinions are my own I will always be truth-full with you guys.