Chia Water

                            Chia Water Review

  There are so many benefits with Chia water I never knew about.   It contains Omega 3-ALA which will help with your brain and heart.  It is also great source of antioxidant.  This water also has a great source of fiber and calcium which is great for your metabolism.   These waters were low calorie.  There is only 60 calories per a serving.  I am always looking for great tasting drinks that will not pack on the calories for the day.  I want to eat my calories not drink them all.

These waters came in 4 great flavors.


Lemon Lime

    I love the lemon lime.  I could drink these by the case load.  They tasted just like a light lemon aid.  Not to strong and no after taste.  Just a crisp clean taste.  I have also been told lemon helps burn calories so bring on the truck load. 


  Lemon Tea

    This one was a fantastic tea.  Very light not over powering with a light taste on lemon

 Mixed Berries

   If you are a berry lover this is so the way to go.  You could really taste the mix of summer berries in this one.  If was light enough to enjoy but strong enough it also worked great for mixed drinks.

Mango Passion

    This is a very tropical flavor.  It is a little stronger than the other.  The taste is perfect for a nice hot day.  With the tropical flavor and mango in it you will feel like you were swept away to the beaches.  This one would also make a fantastic mixed drink.


  I loved all these drinks they were not too strong.  They had no aftertaste at all I could drink them all day long.  If you are looking to get a little healthier this year these are surly the way to go. 

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I would like to note all though I was given this product free to try all opinions are my own I will always be truth-full with you guys.