How to Create a Modern Master Bedroom



Master Bedroom

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Modern interior design focuses on simple, functional and clean lines, which allows the homeowner to enjoy a stylish and practical space. Read our top tips on how to create a master bedroom that oozes contemporary style.

Form Follows Function

The “form follows function” concept was created by the modernism movement. It basically means a piece of furniture or space within a building is viewed as the most important element, not its aesthetics. It’s not saying that modern style is necessarily ugly, but it is more about clean lines and open space over decoration.

Neutral Color Schemes

Modern color schemes tend to lean more towards neutral shades. Think black, white, gray, brown, tan and cream. Yet, they can also incorporate accents of blue, red or yellow. It’s a mature style that lends itself well to a master bedroom’s interior design.

Natural Materials

Many modern master bedrooms incorporate natural materials, which again follows form over function. It is an effective way to create a focal point within a room without interfering with a unified design.

Bright Accents

Many people make the mistake of associating modern design with cold, lifeless décor. Yet, it doesn’t have to be. It is possible to use bursts of bright colors to burst life into a master bedroom. Some of the most popular accent colors to brighten up a space include red and orange. Yet, any color that suits your taste can often complement a white space when incorporated into a beautiful work of art.

Raised Furniture

Modernism brings long legs and clean, contemporary furniture to your bedroom’s décor. For example, Modloft produce high-quality, contemporary urban furniture at reasonable prices, meaning you can create an open and luxurious bedroom with raised beds, dressers and nightstands. To achieve a modern, minimalistic master bedroom, you must provide continuity through simplistic but grand design. Raised furniture allows you to be unique in your furniture, without your bedroom becoming excessive.  

Polished Surfaces

Modern bedrooms tend to focus on shiny, smooth surfaces. Try to incorporate polished floors, as well as polished or lacquered furniture. Chrome and glass accents can also add to the clean style that is synonymous with modern style.

Add a Subtle Focal Point

Modern design focuses on neutral colors, simple lines and a lack of accessories. That’s why you must add a little interest to a space by creating a subtle focal point, whether it is by hanging unique artwork on the wall or an unusual light fitting that will grab the attention of both you and your visitors.

An Open and Airy Atmosphere

To create a contemporary style within your master bedroom, you must aim to create an open and airy environment. For instance, aim to expose as much natural light into the room, while opening the windows to allow in fresh air and add houseplants to create a calm, tranquil space.

Do you have any helpful advice for creating a modern master bedroom? Share your top tips in the comment section below.