Coolway true smooth

Coolway true smooth

I got the chance to try out the coolway true smooth and I was truly amazed.   I have to say I was very skeptical when I first got it.  A spray that not only helps you dry your hair faster but also leaved it looking like I had just straight ironed it.   This would be very exciting for me if it worked.  I have the kind of hair if I just blow dry it; it is nice and straight but very frizzy.  If I flat iron it, it is flat and nobody at all.  So I took my bath and gave it a try 40 sprays and off to blow drying it.

This is my normal hair. Always having an attitude.

  Came out smooth and shinny.

To my surprise it did blow dry twice as fast.  It usually takes me 30 minutes but I was done in 10 minutes.  Woo hooo just the time saver alone would be well worth this product.  Then it was off to the mirror to see how it looked.   I was very excited to see it was bouncy and straight as a board.  No fly always and very soft and smooth.  This product really did do what it said it would.  A very easy product to use and very effective.  This fantastic product sells for $24.95 but right now you can get a 10% discount using code BeautyStat14 when checking out. This 10% will also count for their shampoo and conditioner.  This is a must check out.  With how well their spray worked I cannot wait to try the shampoo and conditioner.

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