Cool Cats toys from Sunny Days

Cool Cats Toys

  Have you guys checked out Cool Cats toys yet?  We have been following them on Instagram for awhile now, when we got to Sweet Suite 19 there they were.

Cool Cats Toys

I was so excited when we got the chance to work with them.

Sunny Days Ent Toys

  These cuties look like an Ice Cream cone you want to eat.  Yet there is more to them that meets the eye.   When you open Cool Cats up flip inside out and bam you have a new friend to play with.  Then you can flip them back around and your new friend is hidden again.


There are 7 sweet scents available including caramel, blueberry, strawberry, chocolate and more. Collect and transform all 12 cute, plush kittens!

We got Cool Cats for free in exchange for an honest review.