Clue Movie

OMG I loved, loved, loved this movie.  I love a good mystery but this one was not only a mystery but an adventure too.  Think of the original movie clue mixed with Goonies and National Treasure all rolled into one.  I truly could not stop watching little guy was also loving find all the clues.   I have to admit I never knew this was a series but now I need more.  It left off in a place where it could keep on going and I am very excited to see if it there are more to come.

This is a story about six very different teenagers who witness something together and are unfairly accused of creating a hoax.  As they are trying to clear their names they stumble upon a whole new and exciting story.  They discover a little about themselves on the way and become good friends.  This movie is brought to you by Hasbro studios and Shout kids factory.    They have a wide range of movies for you and your little one and they are a must check out.  This movie was released on July 15th and is a must get for any family.   You can get this awesome movie from Amazon for $11.04, or of course your next trip to Wal-Mart head in and pick one up for $11.04.

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