Chet the Cat

As you all know Mama loves to cook so of course baby boy always wants to help me.  He had of course his own way of doing things but we get the job done.  When he got the chance to try out these great cooking toys we jumped on it.   When they showed up he was so excited he dug right into the box and went nuts.  The first thing he went for was the play money.  They look just like the real thing but are bigger and guess what he cannot rip the bills.  This is fantastic in our house if he can destroy he will.  He immediately started counting the money to me and to my surprise he had it all right.  I cannot believe he was so good at it.  He now gives me his money and tells me it’s time to go to the store because baby has money lol.

We then opened the mixer and of course the cooking set and he immediately set up on his table and started cooking.  His specialty is a yogurt juice mix which mama had to drink with him.  He of course served me in his new measuring cups.  Believe it or not this was very good berry yogurt mixed with apple juice.  I think we found a start to our new smoothies.  Lol.  As you can see when we cook we make a big mess with this set it was no worries just a little warm water and a sponge and we were all cleaned up.  It does say we can put the plates in the dishwasher but we did it by hand so they were done quickly and we could get cooking again.   This is an awesome set that not only lets your little one join in on your cooking every day but lets him get his imagination in it too and come up with something new and exciting.   We are having such a blast with this one.  Last night I made crunchy garlic chicken so we got out his mixer and in his measuring cups I added all the dry ingredients and let him mix it all up.  He was so excited to help me.  But I do think we will wait till he is out of the put everything in my mouth stage before I let him help with the raw chicken lol.  This is a set that every mom should have.  They get to help you and feel like they are really part of the process.  Plus you never know what great idea they will come up with.  Educational insights has a wide range of toys for you little one. I suggest them to everyone why should your little one not learn while having fun?


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