Bring On The Music With Blipblox


Do you have any music ability? With song, instrument, synthesizer or anything else?  If you are anything like me your answer is no.  Well that can not only change for me, but I can also encourage a love of it with my child.

The Blipblox is easy enough for someone with no knowledge to use, but also advanced enough, that someone with ability will still love it.  While it does look like a children’s toy this Blipblox does so much more.

“The easy-to-use synthesizer has pro-ready features like MIDI support, multiple modulation filters, and an integrated drum machine. So, your tot can mix beats before bedtime, then you can ‘borrow’ it for your own midnight set.”

Now if you are like me most of what is above went right over your head.  If you are a professional you are probably impressed.  I am here to tell you no worries this is so easy to use me and my son were having a blast in no time.

Now a little awesome info for the parents.  This was very easy to get out of the box which you all know I love.  It does need 3 batteries but no worries all it actually comes with them.

All I had to do to get it working was out in the batteries and turn on.  Its that easy and my son was playing away and having a blast.

With all the different levers, buttons and sounds this is a fantastic gift for my little one.  He took to it right away and was having a blast.

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We got this in exchange for an honest review all opinions are my own

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