Bright Starts

When we went to Blogher 14 this year we got to meet bright starts.  This was one of the highlights of my day.  Baby boy has always been a big fan of their toys and we got to not only check out their new toys coming out but got to do the baby laugh index.  Which was really cute and fun see bottom of the page to get your child’s laugh index.

On my second day there I got an e-mail that I had won their new toys for baby boy to check out and I was so excited.  I immediately ran over to the ladies at the booth and hugged them and was jumping up and down (they must have thought I was nuts lol).

Of course I did not tell baby boy they were coming so when they did he was jumping up and down and wanted them all right away of course.

The Hide and Spin money is just too cute for words.  You put the balls in his hat and he counts them.  Then they fall out the bottom while spinning.  You can also open the leafs so they fly around and your little one has to go get them and start over.



The 3 in1 step and ride lion baby boy loved.  Of course I cannot get him to ride it lol he pushes it around the house feeding the lion the balls.  This one grows with your little one so it is great for all ages. Sorry all I tried to turn the video around and have no idea how to lol.



The  Having a ball fun ball climber I think was one of his favorite.  The balls go all threw it up and down to bounce off a ledge and land in the hippos mouth and goes around again.  He had so much fun watching it go and telling me when the hippo was going to eat it.




All of these toys were just adorable and I would recommend them to everyone.  They were too much fun and even having them for over a week baby boy still plays with them every day.

To find your child’s laugh index head here