Boredom Busters

We got these great toys free in exchange for an honest review all opinions are our own.

During these times a lot of us are stuck in the house.  Keeping kids busy is a job in it’s self .  We found some great toys and game that will get them away from screen time and still have some fun.


  • CHALK OF THE TOWN T-SHIRT KIT  — Dream it, draw it, wear it! These fun chalk t-shirt kits are erasable, re-usable and machine washable and allows kids to create and wear their own specially designed t-shirt. Available in youth sizes XS to XL and adult sizes S to 2XL in lime green! 

I love that the whole family can get matching shirts for their next tip out or even for a family get together.  These are so cute and you can write anything you want on them.

  • DINOMAZING EGG DECORATOR — This dynamically different craft kit is actually a craft and activity in one! Pop in one of the plastic eggs included with the kit and let the decorating begin. Use the different colored markers, to add stripes, lines or other fun“prehistoric” designs to decorate your egg. Then, “crack” open the shell to discover a surprise mini collectible dinosaur dripping in cool colored slime!

My son loves eggs and he loved the Easter decorating one.  Now he can decorate all year long and get hos favorite dino friends.

  • FOODIE SURPRISE FOOD CARTS — Unpack each of the different Food Carts from its adorable ‘to-go’ container.  Along the way, kids will discover a variety surprise ingredients and supplies that will let them create their own edible candy!

OMG we had so much fun with Foodie Surprise.  I was so worried when the Starwberry popped off, as you can see from the video.  I though I broke it just to find out there is even more surprises then I though there were.


  • AQUABEADS TROLLS WORLD TOUR (Epoch): Perfect time for crafting! Kids make creations from templates or their own imaginations placing beads onto a layout tray, spraying with water to fuse the beads together!

We love everything Trolls.  What I loved even more is this is a great craft activity kit that will keep our kids busy for hours creating their own friends.  Make sure to keep an eye out for our Trolls Movie release and great Troll toys post this week.

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