Blending Sponge

        JGOB Blending Sponge

  I have to admit I have never used a blending sponge before.  I always had those little triangles which we all know don’t really work all that well.  When I got the chance to test out the blending sponge I jumped on it.  Plus it came with a travel case SCORE. 


  This blending sponge was very easy to use and really evened out my makeup.  No more clumpy and streaky makeup lines.  I love that it is hot green you all know I love color.  It is also a very affordable price.  If you have not taken the plunge yet and tried one I would completely recommend this one.  Not only does it clean up great but the travel case is perfect to keep it in for everyday or hen you are on the road.  It is soft to the touch but still very strong.  It is not going to ripe like our old triangles.  The tear drop shape makes it easy to get your whole face even the hard to get parts around your nose. 


I would like to note all though I was given this product free to try all opinions are my own I will always be truth-full with you guys.