9 Kids Products For World Autism Awareness

In our house we are always looking for sensory items for our little guy.  These company’s have some great items out that are sure to be a hit with your little ones and even your big ones.


The Hoglet by HedgeHog Health ($39.99)

Available on Amazon

The Hoglet is a wireless mouse that allows kids to fidget while learning in front of the screen. Soft, cuddly, and friendly, it looks like a baby hedgehog! It’s the first computer mouse to combine fun and functionality, specifically designed for learning-challenged kids. (Traditional pointing devices lack the physical stimulation many require.) It’s fun to look at, hold, and use, available in vibrant colors, including blueberry, watermelon, lime, apricot, and grape.

Edx Education – Tactile Shells (Price: $30.65)

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Engaging children with autism in the right messy play can stimulate their brain, creating neural pathways and improving their sensory processing systems. Edx Education carries toys perfect for stimulating all the senses when it comes to kids with autism! From different colors, textures, sounds, and building abilities, these toys are definitely just the thing to get autistic kids engaged!

HedgeHog Fidget Keychain ($14.97) 

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An easy-to-carry, sensory fidget tool you can take anywhere for instant stress and anxiety relief. It features a mini hoglet design that comes in handy anytime you need a  multisensory experience so you can focus longer at home, school, or work. The first tactile keychain that is attractive and pleasant to the touch, allowing sensory seekers to feel calm and relaxed. Hang it on your favorite bag for an on-the-go sensory break.

Edx Education – Rainbow Pebbles (Price: $21.99)

Available on Amazon

Rainbow Pebbles are also a great toy for kids with autism when it comes to the texture of the stones! Feeling different textures is good for stimulating brain development as well as helping children get used to different sensations. Kids will learn to sort, stack, make patterns, identify colors and create pictures! Also includes activity guide for learning ideas. They even come in an eco-friendly version!

Bunnies by the Bay Big Nibble Bunny ($56.94)

Stuffed animals are great comfort items for people of all ages with autism. Stuffed animals often provide a sense of security and sensory regulation, which helps many autistic adults and kids feel grounded in their bodies. Big Nibble Bunny is huggable, luggable and simply adorable. Nibble’s long lop ears are buttery soft and perfect for soothing away worries. Since 1986 Bunnies by the Bay has designed gifts with love and to be loved, for many years to come.

Sold on FAO Schwarz, Hallmark, Neiman Marcus




LectroFan Evo Sound Machine ($49.95)

Kids with ASD are more likely to have disrupted sleep. The LectroFan EVO sleep sound machine uses state-of-the-art technology to generate dynamic, realistic fan sounds, white noises, and ocean sounds to help block intrusive noises so they can fall asleep easier. Featuring ten fan sounds, ten white, pink and brown noise, and two variations of ocean noise, The LectroFan Evo helps block out disruptive noise. Not only can you set a timer for sound control, but the Evo offers a headphone connector and portable speaker to match your environment and sleep style. Also sold on Walmart, Amazon, Bed Bath and Beyond, and more. 

TickTalk ($189.99)

Choose the safest kids’ smartwatch phone that has all the positives of a cell phone to keep your family connected without sacrificing peace of mind. TickTalk 4 is the advanced 4G/LTE children’s smartwatch phone for ages 5+ that combines video and voice calling, in-app messaging, location tracking, and more to stay connected to your child without a cellphone. It does not have the distractions of the internet, games, or social media. Always know your child is safe with location tracking, Emergency SOS, 911 response & 20+ parental controls. With the TickTalk parent app, approve your child’s contacts, and block unknown numbers to keep you in the driver’s seat of your child’s first (non) cell phone. TickTalk 4 includes a free SIM card for an affordable, pay-as-you-go, no-contract plan starting at $9.99 per month.

Available on Amazon, Walmart, and myticktalk.com

Sarah’s Silks

Price: Varies / Ranges from $7.50-$478

The simplicity and open-ended nature of Sarah’s Playsilks tap directly into the child’s creative potential; open-ended play allows children to express their imagination and supports their independence. These inspiring, magical toys that children are drawn to play with time and time again not only allow for a limitless range of play possibility, but they’re also important for your child’s growth, development, and can make learning fun, too. Nourishing the senses with Playsilks gives the child an amazing tactile experience, which features gorgeous color harmonies inspired by nature’s beauty!

So go on and encourage them to Dress up, Decorate, Create, Imagine, Explore and Learn! Sarah’s Silks is a family-owned and operated business (for over 28 years!) specializing in Waldorf-inspired, sustainable toys for children. You can combine wooden toys and Playsilks for even greater possibilities. There’s even a collection for babies that’s simply irresistible!