Tips for apartment hunters from someone who has hunted a lot


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When looking for an apartment there is so much to consider. I have moved and searched a lot and I have some tips that can help you along the way.  Back in my lets say younger days hunting for an apartment meant one of two things. You got in the car and drove around till you saw a for rent sign then called and hoped they called you back.  Or, of course you got out the local paper and searched the adds for one that looked like it could work and hoped it was still there.  We did not get to see them before we called and we had no idea what we would be walking into.

One thing that was always hard about it was when we moved state to state.  We had the funds to move, but not the funds to go back and forth looking for places so we would have to rent sight unseen and cross out fingers. A lot of you know that I have been visiting Texas and of course I have family there and am thinking of moving there.  These days I don’t have to call family and say can you go see this place or that place.  When we are apartment hunting now we can go online and actually see the places.

I love that we can not only look at pictures we can sort by area, price, size of place and so much more.  To me the pictures are the best part I have learned a few things over the years to look out for and I am going to give you a few tips.


Look for a linen closet.  Most people are like me they just assume there will be a linen closet.  Guess what quite a few places do not have one.  You do not realize how much you miss it till you are trying to unpack towels and sheets and realize there is not where to put them.


If you are a bath girl make sure they have a bathtub in them.  I was floored at the places we walked threw and realized it was shower only.  I need my bath at night to relax.  These places were a no go.


Consider the weather.  I moved from Northern CA to Southern CA, to Colorado, back to CA, and then to Arizona.  These all have drastically different weather and making sure you have heat and AC in different places can make all the difference in electricity prices and if you are comfortable in your own home.


Looking to see if pets are allowed.  Most online listings will let you know or sort if they are allowed right away.  My pets are my family and they are coming with me.  They are not an option so I need to know they are pet friendly.


This one may seem weird to some, but for my fellow Pokemon Hunters check around for the nearest Pokemon stops.  We are daily players with the whole family.  It is a great family activity and we like to make sure we are close enough to keep it fun and still have our family time everyday hunting our Pokemon.  Gotts catch them all


The mail situation.  I work from home I can not have a P.O.Box most company’s will not ship to them and I can not be running to the post office every day.  Making sure I get mail at the house is a must.

No matter what you are looking for these days it’s so much easier to find what you need.  Good luck on your new move and I hope you find the perfect place.

I am sure there are many other tips out there if you have some good ones please leave everyone a comment below and let them know your tips for moving or finding a new place to live.