6 Sassy Sistas

     6 Sassy Sistas  Serum Review

If you are looking for a fantastic serum that works for everything from stretch marks, to wrinkles to dry skin you have found it.  This truly is a one serum does it all.  They also come in so many fantastic scents you are sure to fine one you are in love with.


   A very sweet lemon flavor.  I used this on my legs after I shaved and it left my skin soft and shinny.

Baby Powder

   I love the baby powder smell of this one.  It’s not only good for all over your body, but it is also a very relaxing night time smell. 

Ooey Gooey Caramel

     This one made me hungry.lol So in exchange for all the goodies I ate because of it, I used this one my stretch marks.  They are already looking better.


To be a gentleman

  A perfect scent for the man in your life.  I used this one on hubbys dry cracked feet.  It feet were looking better in just a few minutes.


Lill Lady – Cotton Candy

  I used this one on my hair.  A very little goes a very long way and helps smooth out the flyaway’s and frizz.


Gummy Worms

  I put a little of this is little guys bath water (after I washed his hair).  He will not let me put lotion on him, but putting just a little in the bath water left his skin soft and smooth.



  This one is my all time favorite.  I used all I had on everything from my skin to hair.  I love the smell of this one.  My suggestion Buy the big bottle you are going to be in love with the mix of wild berry and mandarin wrapped in the floral scent of gardenia, pink jasmine, and bright honeysuckle enhanced by vanilla praline, soft woods, and amber.

Girls Night Out

   I used this one on my pulse points for a night out.  The smell of blueberry is a fantastic night out smell.  Fresh and clean. 


Easy on the “tini”

  Appletini very nice apple smell.  I had a very dry spot on my face I used this one just on the spot in just a few seconds it had soaked right in and the dry spot was gone.  No more rough dry skin on my face.


Toes in the Water, Toosh in the Sand- coconut scent

    Has a very sweet coconut smell.  I loved this one as a body serum.  Soaked right in and left my skin shinny and smooth.

You will be so in love with all of these you can buy the spritzer pack for $25.00 for you’re on the go needs and a big bottle 12oz for when you are at home for $17.00.  If you use code SASSYKRISSY you will get 10% off those prices.

I loved all these scents, but I have to say my favorite was serendipity.  I love the slight tropical flower smell to it.  These all worked fantastic on everything I used them for.  This is truly a do it all serum.  I love that the dry patches I had were better in just minutes.  The flyaways in my hair were gone with just the tiniest bit of serum and it did not leave my hair greasy at all.  No matter what you use this for you are going to love it.



To start shopping head here.   Use coupon code SASSYKRISSY for 10% off your order.


I would like to note all though I was given this product free to try all opinions are my own I will always be truth-full with you guys.

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