5 Great Work from Home Opportunities for Moms

Many mothers choose not to return to work straight away after having children. However, often families can’t afford to live on one income, or the mom finds she just wants something to do and the chance to earn her own money. Working from home is a welcome compromise between being a stay at home mom and a work at home mom for many women. These are some ways you could make money from home.

Start a Business

Starting your own business can be incredibly rewarding. Write a list of things you are good at and enjoy, then work your way down it, asking yourself if there’s anything you can do, that people would pay for? If the answer is yes, that might be your first route of business. The internet has made it easier than ever to start up on your own. All you need is a website and an idea to get started. If you want a little more knowledge to make sure you will be successful, consider an online MBA from the University of Maryland. An MBA degree online will help you learn about everything from writing a business plan to marketing your company.


Blogging is a fantastic hobby, but done well, a blog can also earn money. To get started, set up your blog, then use social media marketing to grow it before looking at advertising and affiliate marketing to start making money. Social media can be a good way to promote your blog and online business. If you are a stay at mom it’s understandable that your focus will be split between your blogging/business and your children, so you may not have the time to always market your brand on social media; luckily there are companies such as Kenji, that provides ways to help your marketing through automation, like an instagram like bot and other social media tools. That way you know your social media marketing is working for you while you are busy with other things. If you are interested in starting a blog, you may find this blogging guide handy. You also have the opportunity to grow and increase your income by moving into vlogging as well. The best place to do this is on YouTube. If you have a large blog following, then many of those people would watch any videos you upload too. And if they don’t then you can always Buy youtube likes to increase your social proof to begin with.


If you have any skills in writing, photography or web design, find a freelance site like Upwork and start applying for work. If you haven’t got much experience, build yourself a portfolio of samples to help you secure work.

Market Research

Online survey sites and secret shopper agencies can be a fun, easy way of making a little extra cash. You may also find you discover some cool new products and restaurants.

Virtual Assistant

With more people running businesses online and using social media marketing, sometimes they don’t have time to do it all themselves. In these cases, they look for a virtual assistant to help them reply to comments and emails, schedule posts and maintain sites. You don’t need any formal qualifications, just a good knowledge of the internet and social media platforms.


Tutoring is a brilliant way to make some extra money. If you are very good at something, such as a language or playing an instrument, advertise your skills as a tutor online.

To some extent, what you choose will depend on how much you are looking to earn. You won’t ever make a full-time income from market research, but if it’s just a little extra cash you need, then it’s an easy option. Do a lot of research yourself before committing to any decision. Also, think about what your children will be doing while you work? Things like blogging, you can do while they play or nap, but for tutoring, you’ll either want them to be in bed or with someone else. There is without a doubt a work from home job to suit everyone, but it may take trying a few to find the one.

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