Parents Working from Home – Nightmare or Dream Come True?

Working from home is many parents’ dream and one they work very hard to accomplish. From earning an online MBA at Villanova University to freelancing as a writer during their college years to keep the money coming in, working from home is how they’d always envisioned raising a family. Many parents today are not okay with working outside the home because a reliable babysitter is extremely expensive, and besides, who can you actually trust with your children?

Even CPS (Child Protective Services) have been accused of allowing children in their care to be abused and neglected, so isn’t it better to stay at home where you know your kids will be getting the most loving care possible? Sometimes, and sometimes that dream come true can be a real nightmare. Here are some tips to help you keep your ‘work from home’ experience from turning your world upside-down.

Set Up an ‘Off-Limits” Office

If there is anything a work-from-home parent knows is that children will crawl all over you and demand your attention if you work in the kitchen or living room. The one thing you must do is set up an office that is off-limits to everyone, including your spouse, if you are in there working. No, you probably won’t get much done if the kids are at home, but at least you know that your files will remain intact and that all-important proposal will not have a roadmap to China colored on the backside of the signature page. Another thing that you might want to consider when setting up your office is to make it soundproof. So even if your spouse and children are making a lot of noise whilst you’re working, you will still be able to concentrate in getting all of your important work done. If this is something that you think you might like, then you may wish to check out for more information. This is a must for any parent working from home.

Schedule Work around When Your Spouse Is Home

Many mothers get the “I’m so tired I worked all day” excuse from dad, but there needs to be an agreement made because you are with the kids all day and are now tired yourself. That doesn’t keep you from locking yourself in your office to get some work done, so perhaps keep your hours short and sweet while spouse is at home. Do some of your work while the kids are at school or taking a nap, but always make sure it is a time when you can be undisturbed. Most spouses understand that you are working to supplement the family income, but if issues arise, explain that this is the only way you are going to be able to help pay bills and that should fire up that light bulb of understanding in his or her brain.

The point is that you really can have your dream come true and work from home so that you are there with your children. It will take some work at setting a schedule, but tens of thousands of parents do this every single day and it works for them. It can only become a nightmare if you are unorganized in your approach. However, you passed your MBA online program with flying colors and are now ready to be an executive of your own little company. Put those administrative duties to work and live your dream.